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On behalf of Beneficiate North America, PHC prepared a focused permitting analysis to assess the beneficial reuse determination (BUDs) process for the state of Oklahoma. We interfaced with several, key State agency representatives to identify all required steps for assessing and issuing the approvals and permits for a beneficial reuse determination of a calcium sulfite byproduct created from a pollution control, dry scrubbing process at an existing plant. The project deliverable was a concise technical memorandum that served as a streamlined permitting road map. We also included the associated schedule and costs for obtaining required permits - ensuring the process is a key driver to the success of the project.

“BNA contracted Prospect Hill to obtain an understanding of the permitting approval process and schedule information from the State of Oklahoma for beneficial use of scrubber byproduct material. This was an important item required for our feasibility study. Prospect Hill not only completed this effort in a timely and economical manner, in their dialog with the State they positioned BNA and more importantly, BNA’s client in a very positive light as viewed by the agency”

- Keith Day, President, Beneficiate North America

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