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With decades of environmental consulting experience, we are results-driven leaders who love to work with our growing nationwide clientele. We deliver teams who are eager to learn, open to new ideas and technologies and adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment. Read below to learn more about our strategic leadership.



President | Co-founder

“I’m passionate about connecting the dots between new learning experiences and my team’s knowledge base to solve problems for my clients and my community in innovative ways.”


A purpose-driven principal who is an accomplished GIS specialist, project manager and innovative technology lead. She has 18 years of experience in the community planning and environmental consulting fields and leverages an extensive interdisciplinary background in GIS, data visualization, project management, environmental sciences, and communication to help clients get from point A to point B quickly and with confidence.

Jenny recognizes that location-based results are critical to the success of each project and she strives to help our commercial and government clients be better informed by maximizing their spatial data to its fullest. Her technical fluency includes multi-criteria suitability analysis, environmental impact modeling, and designing and implementing custom enterprise-level data management solutions. | LinkedIn



Vice President | Co-founder

“I work collaboratively with my clients to help bring the right resources to bear at the right time and work through technical challenges to achieve project success"

A people-focused, environmental industry professional, NEPA and land use planning specialist, offering clients, and his community, 20 years of leadership and technical experience.  He is determined to help organizations meet a range of project and program-level goals - by developing trust with important stakeholders to ensure success.

Mike’s technical background includes successful corporate management as well as management and performance of technical planning and environmental projects and public participation activities.  This includes management and support for environmental impact (EISs/EAs) and related planning studies at commercial and federal facilities including military installations nationwide, industrial and commercial facilities,  waterfront facilities, highways, and urban and residential development projects. | LinkedIn



Vice President 

“I have a strong history of managing both large, multi-disciplinary as well as small, focused teams to provide superior work products to our clients."


A Project Manager, NEPA specialist, and socio-economic planner, with an impressive track record of providing clients with solution-oriented products to address their needs.  He prides himself on being a strong communicator, effective manager, and is incredibly responsive to clients and their requests.

Matt’s technical background includes managing federal NEPA and encroachment-related projects, as well as expertise in land use compatibility analyses, noise impact analysis, socioeconomic and community impact analyses.  He is very experienced in community engagement activities, including, but not limited to public meetings related to large/complex NEPA projects, as well as open houses for communication of project elements to the public.  Matt has managed over 25 environmental planning projects, including NEPA EISs/EAs, AICUZ and noise studies, and other encroachment related projects. | LinkedIn

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