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Supporting Buffalo's next great neighborhood revival story.


Land Use Planning • Community Engagement & Public Meeting Support •

Geospatial Analysis • Community Resources • Analysis Data Visualization •

Prospect Hill Consulting (PHC) is supporting LISC Buffalo’s community planning initiative in the Masten Park neighborhood of Buffalo, New York.  For this project, PHC is providing LISC Buffalo with their geospatial and data needs, including study area alternatives analyses, data visualization/mapping, and scenario planning.  PHC developed a series of study area maps, including obtaining the latest City of Buffalo parcel-level data and coalescing with U.S. Census block group data in order to depict the various attributes of the neighborhood for a series of community meetings – including, but not limited to the information relative to the existing housing stock, vacancies, and demographics of the resident population.  This allowed the residents and City agencies to understand the existing conditions of the neighborhood and have actionable input into a strategy for how development can be implemented within the neighborhood that is reasonable, fits the needs and character of the community.

Prospect Hill provided high quality data analysis and mapping services in support of LISC’s community outreach and engagement efforts on Buffalo’s East Side. The team worked diligently to understand our specific needs, was agile as the effort evolved, and delivered excellent customer service. We look forward to working together in the future!”

-Julie Barret-O’Neill, LISC-Buffalo

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