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Strengthening local community and economic development goals.


Economic Modeling and Benefits Analysis • Stakeholder Engagement

Geospatial Analysis • Data Visualization

Prospect Hill Consulting (PHC) is a subcontractor on this team to conduct a feasibility analysis for the construction of a potential breakwater offshore from Olcott Harbor in the Town of Newfane, New York.  PHC is specifically tasked with developing the economic impact report related to both the construction, as well as the potential indirect and induced impacts that could reasonably result from the breakwater construction and related protection of the harbor from Lake Ontario storm surge.  This is an important project to the local community that has many businesses that rely heavily on the recreation and tourism dollars that the harbor generates.  PHC will utilize the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ RIMS II multipliers to estimate the direct, indirect and induced impacts specifically related to the construction effort; however, this is not the full extent of the potential economic improvements to the area resulting from the project.  To this end, PHC’s task manager is participating in a series of stakeholder interviews with members of the community to understand the historic conditions of the harbor, what effect storm events have had on the harbor activities, businesses and property values, and is developing an understanding of what impact the breakwater construction would have on the harbor with respect to reestablishing pre-existing businesses, as well as having an eye towards potential growth/expansion of the protected harbor.

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