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Streamlined decision-support tools that provide actionable insights.


Land Use Planning • Strategic Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement Planning •

Geospatial Analysis • Data Visualization • Project Permitting

Lightrock Power required external specialist project development support to identify potential environmental risks and a permit roadmap for solar sites in their portfolio. The Prospect Hill Consulting team developed streamlined decision-support products that relied on GIS information, data visualizations, our permitting experience and agency-informed research and analysis. Over 38 local, state, and federal environmental and land use datasets were identified, collected and analyzed to help Lightrock Power adjust their project plan, schedule and quantify additional costs – navigating risk in the project development lifecycle. In addition, to verify desktop datasets collected and to obtain critical first-hand knowledge of conditions on the ground, PHC also engaged in discussions with local officials with direct knowledge of current site conditions and an understanding of the local and regional regulatory “issues” needing to be navigated to successfully execute the project. This was an important first step in forging a trusting and transparent relationship between local officials and Lightrock Power.

…we are really pleased with the work you’ve undertaken. You and your team have been great at communicating and the finished report is very easy to follow and very elegantly laid out…”. -Chris Sowerbutts, Lightrock Power

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